MARCH 23RD - APRIL 14TH, 2010
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


today was our planned day-trip to miyajima and hiroshima.

first was miyajima because we were most interested in the famous "floating torii gate" and high tide was at 11:20am, so we had to be there close to that time! we took the 75 minute bullet train to the hiroshima station, then hopped on another train for 25 minutes to get to the miyajima area, THEN got onto a ferry to get to miyajima island :)

on the ferry heading over!

i had to use a bathroom like this!!!

on the island, it was very pretty

and these guys were everywhere!

i mean REALLY everywhere

but what we were really here for...

...was this :) it was so gorgeous!

this was on the walkway to get a better view of the floating torii

part of the walkway

there it is!

pretty cool :)

walked around the area a bit before heading to hiroshima

and got some pork yakitori!

took this one on our way out. i'm in looooove!

at the hiroshima station

this is the a-bomb dome. they kept it in it's original condition after the a-bomb

this is part of the peace park right by the a-bomb dome

loooooots of paper cranes! way more than the 1,200 i folded!

ida, you will love these! hehe ;)

i like the comparison between the new re-built buildings and the a-bomb dome

more cranes as you get closer to the hiroshima museum

people adding more cranes

right in front of the hiroshima peace memorial museum

a model showing before the a-bomb...

...and after :(

actual cranes sadako sasaki folded

leaving the museum

it was really interesting to view everything in there even though it was sad. actual pieces of clothing, and other pieces they have saved like rooftop shingles welded together and melted glass bottles were some of the items they had for you to look at. 

after the long trip back to our hotel, we were hungry so we got dinner and some coffee! 

i guess the studio ghibli museum isn't the only one to make adorable coffee!!! erik got a green tea latte, and i got an almond latte. YUM!

tonight is sadly our last night in this fabulous hotel. we're heading to osaka tomorrow (15 min away on the bullet train) because the hotel there was super cheap (but also is going to be super tiny, and not nearly as nice haha). we will miss you, crowne plaza kobe!!!!!!!!!!!! you were great to us.


  1. i imagine that how you felt going to that site is how the japanese might have felt at pearl harbor when i was there- like people are going to scream at you for your nationality. but like my dad said, everyone has a right to be there so that we can all learn from the tragedy.

    did you happen to see any of the shadows the peoples bodies imprinted on the ground or buildings? thats something that is so morbidly interesting and extremely sad at the same time.

    on a lighter note, how did you use that toilet? did you approach it like normal? haha. but seriously, i am curious. and have you been anywhere that doesnt even have a toilet?

  2. yes about the shadows! you're right, it was so bizzare/sad/interesting at the same time.

    and lol about the toilet! it's actually hard to tell from the pic i think, but it's completely flat on the ground. so you like...have to squat over it! this is the closest i have come so far to not having a "toilet" hahaha...but i have heard of just the little grates on the ground that you have to similarly aim for lol...

  3. Jacqui! Those cranes! You're right I LOVE them. Wow..there's just SO many!

    Beautiful photos as always!

    I'm now working on convincing FI to go to Japan someday. You're blog is making me want to go more and more!!

  4. yay! :D you guys would love it here! just show him my blog hehe

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