MARCH 23RD - APRIL 14TH, 2010
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Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is where we are located right now in the country:

I pretty much want to pack up everything and move to Japan. We absolutely LOVE it here!!!

Today we went to see the Fushimi Inari Shrine, the Heian Shrine, and walk along the Philosopher's Path. First was the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

We have noticed that Japanese people always do this water ritual...

so we did it too :) You take the scoop and rinse your left wrist/hand first, and then the right. Afterwards, you wash your mouth, but you don't put your mouth directly on the scoop. You are cleaning your mind and body before entering the shrine.

Behind us were prayer tags and more origami cranes with one lit candle.

Then came the HUNDREDS of torii gates!

Before we get into more pictures of these gates...here is a picture of the map to show you JUST how far these go! There are SO MANY of them, and you have to remember, they are made out of tree trunks!

Looks unreal!

They were just so amazingly stunning. Definitely one of our favorite parts of the trip so far. Highly recommended.

Along the paths of them there were stops with more shrines.

Endless! Haha...

But next it was time to move on and head on over to the Heian Shrine. This photo below was on the way. I thought it was so pretty with all the sakura (cherry blossom trees).

Here is probably the BIGGEST torii gate we will see! By the way, torii gates always indicate there is a Shinto shrine nearby and they mark the transition into a sacred place. They can also be seen at Buddhist temples as well though. Shintoism and Buddhism are the two main religions in Japan.

Inside the Heian Shrine:

Loads of weeping cherry trees:

So pretty!!!

The sun was starting to set already, so we started walking over to the Philosopher's Path (very well known location for it's cherry trees)

They were in full bloom, and it was a PERFECT day to go! The weather was gorgeous today.

It was just so, so, gorgeous. Pictures really don't do it justice.

Then Erik got some dango! Dango is a treat made from rice flour. It's chewy in texture, and really yummy!

I got an ice cream cone with three different flavors of tea ice cream! Green tea (matcha), black tea, and chai tea! It was awesome.

Walking back to the train station watching the sunset was breathtaking.

After walking well over 6 miles today, we decided to walk a smiiidge more to this Domino's by our hotel to give it a try! We wanted to see if it would be different from back home.

Their Domino's is WAY different than our Domino's! It's all fancy!

Check out this menu! They have a TON of cool options!

We got the "Garlic Master" haha...LOADS of garlic and little kielbasa pieces! It was great!

Oh, and beer of course ;) mine was apple flavor for ladies haha...


Another amazing day in this fantastic country that we will never forget. 


  1. eljfkjdsfjlksdjflsdk I'M SO JEALOUS YOU GOT A HUMONGOUS ICE CREAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!! >.< kdsjfnkdsnfkj *crieeesss* XDDDDD

  2. hahahaha! it was amazing! :D when i saw how big it was, i was like, "YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" hahaha

  3. wow - I just read your blog from the Travel Volunteer site. It's wonderful! I love the pictures and the writing - I can clearly see your excitement about Japan! Keep it going on your future journeys to Japan!

    Cheers, Eunice

  4. thanks so much, eunice! :D i really appreciate it! i hope to keep stimulating tourism too! :)

  5. the torii gates remind me of memoirs of a geisha! maybe its the same place??! :D